What's with the name?

Let me set the scene... its 2012 and our daughter had just been born (Rose). A couple of days into parenthood I sat in front of the Mac a little blurry eyed powered by strong coffee. I had the business plan mapped out yet the company name was still a blank.

Now I could lie here and come up with some marketing reasons behind the name but I won't, my favourite colour is yellow and my favourite fruit is mango, voilà.... yellow mango

How has the journey been so far?

Since we established in 2012 it has been an incredible journey where we have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic clients. Each engagement has offered different challenges which only adds to our experience for the next project.

Our values

  • Amazing only please - Anyone can deliver a good product or a great feature... we aim for amazing.
  • Your customer is my customer - No matter the client or the project objectives we always work on the premise that your customer is my customer.
  • Don't look now, look future - We obsess over future tech, not because its shiny because digital platforms evolve continuously.


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