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marketing product pack
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Marketing Product Pack

Marketing product packs or brochures help companies market their products or services. They’re traditionally single or multi-fold paper-based documents (although with the advent of the digital age, they also come in digital varieties as well) and come in various shapes and sizes (most often resembling a pamphlet or an A4 size piece of paper.)

Even in today's digital world where content is delivered via websites, apps and video there is still a need to send marketing materials to potential clients or customers.

Do you really still need a marketing brochure?

Every business is different, their clients and potential customers have different needs so whilst a website may deliver the message a targeted marketing brochure can be designed to offer something complete unique.

We have found that some of our clients still require marketing product packs and have found they are preferred in some cases by customers rather than directing them to the company website.

What is the design process?

Before you jump in and start on the creatives, let us share how we have worked with some of our partners on the creation of successful marketing product packs.

1. Determine your audience

One of the benefits of marketing brochures is that you can be specific to a target segment therefore improving conversion.

2. Create a targeted message

When you have audience defined, it's now time to start writing your targeted copy.

The layout and structure of your product pack should make it easy for the reader to understand and the copy should flow relating back to your key message.

Your front-page should be simple, in some cases your business mission statement is appropriate. Don't confuse the reader before they even open the first page, also consider a positive, inviting image and colours to entice the reader.

3. Use creatives that the audience can relate

Pictures speak a thousand a words and this is true for marketing product packs. Select and use creatives your audience can relate to, don't sell the impossible dream to the reader you will just lose their trust.

Bright, clear, punchy creatives typically work well and make the reader engaged. Always make sure the creatives again link back and support your message, displaying an image of a small speedboat isn't going to help sell premium cruise holidays!

4. Design a consistent product pack

Consistency is key. Make sure as the reader navigates through your marketing product pack the layout, message, tone of voice, creatives are aligned. If you introduce a different layout halfway through you risk confusing the reader.

We recommend creating a number of templates/layouts, perhaps 4-5 depending on your pack and try to use these throughout.

5. Make it reusable

Let's not reinvent the wheel, the likelihood is you will need to create similar packs in the future so look to make blank templates with layouts which can be reused. Its good practice to have different versions of packs with different layouts which can be repurposed. 

Want to see an example of our work?

Helen designed and created the below pack for Find Your Flex, one of the UK's leading flexible working brands. If you would like more information on this project or would like our team to help you deliver a successful marketing product pack get in touch.



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